Story in the LA Times today about the Asian American community's response to SCA5, a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would allow the return of affirmative action to the University of California system.

Polly Low, Rosemead City Councilperson and President of the Chinese Elected Officials Association, says her organization came out against SCA5 because of an outcry from the Chinese American population. "I've never seen so many people so mad," she says. Which, of course, can not be true, unless she's forgotten the whole Wal-Mart thing, and the backlash against her former colleagues on the city council.

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Asians who need AA

There are some Asian ethnic groups who need Affirmative Action, and I think this split on the issue wasn't good. The moment of unity was good, but I don't think it helped develop stronger unity with Cambodians, Pacific Islanders, etc.

I can appreciate how Chinese immigrants, particularly the ones who already have college degrees, see this issue... but I can also see the history of the older Asian American communities, and that history. Also, there's potential need in future Asian American communities.

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