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Monterey Park Shrimp by josewolff

Another Creative Commons image found on flikr:

SGV News at Risk

Whether you like the SGVN papers or not, it's always sad to see the continued decline of newspapers, and Dean Singleton, owner of the SGVN, is facing bankruptcy.

Ron Kaye at the LA Progressive writes about this.

The demand for news hasn't declined, but ad revenues have. The problem we're facing is paying the writers and researchers to produce the news. Contrary to what "crowdsourcers" say, it takes a lot of work to be a professional journalist. This has to be figured out.

Development in Monterey Park

It would be nice if Rosemead residents would pay attention to what’s going on in the cities around them. Here, for example.

Judy Chu in Monterey Park, Satuday, September 8

Former Assemblywoman and current Board of Equalization Vice-Chair Judy Chu will give the opening address at a community event on Saturday, September 8, from 6pm -8pm in Monterey Park.

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