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San Gabriel High School E-waste Drive

It's not until February 26 and 27, 9am - 3pm, so you've got plenty of time to collect your stuff. They'll take computers, monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, televisions, vcr/dvd players, auto and rechargeable batteries, and many other electronic stuff. If you've got it, bring it, and they'll let you know if they can take it.

"F" in Smoking

The American Lung Association isn't happy with the smoking policies of any area cities. I don't say whether their goal is good or bad--I'm just reporting the story.

Rosemead Driver Involved in Fatal Traffic Accident

Fatal accident on an on-ramp I often use. This would be the ramp from Via Campo on to the eastbound Pomona Freeway. No reason why cars should collide here. There's a long, straight ramp for cars coming on to the freeway, and you have your own lane for over a mile after you reach the freeway.

Judge Trashes Athens Suit

Athens, the company that holds the exclusive trash hauling contract for Monterey Park, filed suit to keep a referendum off the ballot that, if passed, would require putting the contract out to bid. However, a judge tossed out their suit, and will allow the vote to go forward as scheduled.

Last year, the Rosemead City Council gave Athens the contract to sweep our city's streets.

Beijing Pie House

Never even heard of this place before, but the name cracks me up. Beijing Pie House is located at 846 E. Garvey Avenue in Monterey Park. That puts it just a little bit west of New and a little bit east of Armando's Seafood Restaurant.

Municipal Election Candidates File

March 8 is election day in for Rosemead and Monterey Park city council seats.

The SGV Tribune posted a short article on candidates who have filed.

The list for Rosemead includes Councilwoman Polly Low, Planning Commissioner Bill Alarcon, and local activists R. Alejandro Gandara and Barbara Murphy.

San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority

Other than spending thousands of dollars on fancy ads in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, it's not clear what the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority has done for the citizens of the San Gabriel Valley. But Water Quality Authority board members do receive a big, fat stipend. That's why Margaret Clark has been on the board since its inception.

LA Times Crime Tracker

The Los Angeles Times has been compiling LAPD and LA County Sheriff reports into an interactive map feature. It's not perfect, but it will give you an idea of what's going on in the city.

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